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Why can’t I assign my device to a room in my tado° Home?
Why can’t I assign my device to a room in my tado° Home?
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Every tado° device in your Home can only be assigned to one room at a time.

In some cases, you may not be able to create a new room, or assign your Wired Smart Thermostat to a room, move it between rooms, or delete it from your Home. This is to ensure that your tado° devices are always set up correctly and that your heating does not stop working.

If you are unable to move or delete a device via the app, please contact our Technical Support team with the following information:

  • the serial numbers of the tado° devices that you want to move, and

  • the name of the existing or new room you want to move the device to.

Tap the round orange icon in the bottom right-hand corner to open a chat.

Please make sure that the devices you want us to move for you are already registered and installed in your tado° Home.

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