The error E02 on the Smart AC Control V3+ indicates that the Wi-Fi connection has been lost. If you see this error, do the following:

  1. Check that Wi-Fi is enabled and working, by checking Wi-Fi access on other devices or by checking the router.
  2. Check whether the Wi-Fi password has been changed. If this is the case you can delete the current network data and connect your Smart AC Control V3+ to a new network.
  3. If none of the above is the case, check the distance of the Smart AC Control V3+ to your router. Does the error disappear when moving closer to the router? In this case the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough in the Smart AC Control’s location and a new location closer to the router has to be selected.

If you have further questions about your Smart AC Control V3+ Wi-Fi connection, please contact us.

Tip: You can always control your AC directly on the Smart AC Control V3+ even when the internet connection is temporarily unavailable. You can also use your old AC remote for this.

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