tado° controls the heating based on the temperature measured by the Smart Thermostat.

To ensure that tado° can heat your home efficiently, make sure that you place the Smart Thermostat in a suitable location:

In the most-used room of your home: The room that is used most often is usually also the warmest room in your home. If you place the Thermostat in a colder room, it would measure a lower temperature and heat your home unnecessarily.

Away from direct heat sources or air drafts: Do not place the Thermostat near a radiator, fireplace, or in a place that is directly exposed to the sun. This will cause it to heat up and show a higher temperature than it actually is. The same applies to sources of cold airflow, like windows or doors to colder rooms, as well.

Around 1.5 m above the floor: As colder air is heavier, it sinks down making it generally cooler closer to the floor. If you place the Thermostat too low, it would measure a lower temperature and heat the room when not needed.

At least 1 m away from the Internet Bridge: This ensures that there is always a stable connection between the Thermostat and the Internet Bridge.

Remember that even if you have a wireless Thermostat, it works best when it stays in one place. So it is best not to move it around after you've chosen a good spot for it.

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