When the radio link between the Smart Thermostat and the Extension Kit is lost, the Smart Thermostat is not able to send room temperature measurements to the Extension Kit anymore. At the same time, any changes to the settings on the Smart Thermostat also do not take effect until the radio link is reestablished.

In the unlikely event of a loss of radio communication, we have provided a way to manually switch heating and hot water on or off on the Extension Kit.

Extension Kit Operation during Interrupted Radio Link to Smart Thermostat

When the Extension Kit does not receive a current room temperature value from the Smart Thermostat anymore, it continues to operate with the last settings received from the Smart Thermostat - it holds the current state. If you would like to change this setting, there are two options available: you can decide to turn the heating on or off. You can switch through the modes by pressing the button on the top of the Extension Kit.

Note: These control options on the Extension Kit are only available when the Extension Kit has not received a temperature reading for more than 30 minutes or just after a restart of the device until the connection to the Smart Thermostat is established.

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