If pairing wasn’t successful when installing tado° or if you want to pair your Smart Thermostat or Wireless Temperature Sensor to a different Internet Bridge, you’ll need to reset the pairing. 

Before you do so, please make sure that the pairing mode is activated on the Internet Bridge.

To reset the pairing of your Smart Thermostat or Wireless Temperature Sensor, follow the steps given below.

1. Press the button on the Smart Thermostat/Wireless Temperature Sensor for 3 seconds until two joined chain links appear.

2. Release and press the button again for 3 seconds. A spanner and screwdriver symbol will show.

3. Release the button and use the arrows to navigate through the menu until a symbol with the joined links and a small arrow next to them is shown. Press the button to confirm a pairing reset.

4. The device will now look for an Internet Bridge, indicated by two moving chain links.

5. When successful, the two chain links will stay joined.

If pairing does not succeed, please repeat this process. 

Once paired, the connection between your devices will always stay active. The pairing stays active even if you restart your devices or replace their batteries. 

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