There are several reasons why Geofencing might not work as it should in your tado° app.  Here are a few ways in which you can solve this:

  • Make sure that the settings of your smartphone match those described in the article: What are the smartphone settings for optimal Geofencing?

  • Go to Settings in the tado° app, and check if Geofencing is enabled. Make sure that a Home member has not manually set tado° to Home or Away Mode.

  • We do not recommend activating Geofencing for tablets as they are typically left at home. Please check if a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, which usually remains at home, may have Geofencing enabled unintentionally.

  • Make sure that the location of your home is correct in the tado° app. To check this, go to Settings>Home Details>Home Address. Tap on the location icon to allow the app to detect your location. If all details are correct, Accept the changes, then select Done.

  • Force quit the tado° app by swiping it off the screen. Reopen the app and check if the location is now determined correctly.

  • Switch off and restart your phone as its operating system services may have stopped working in the background. After restarting your phone, reopen the app and check if the location is now determined correctly.

Tip: While trying to resolve the issue, you can manually set tado° to stay in Home or Away Mode. From the Home Screen, tap on Geofencing and select Home or Away. tado° will stay in the selected Mode until a Home member changes the Mode again.

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