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What are the smartphone settings for optimal Geofencing on Android devices?
What are the smartphone settings for optimal Geofencing on Android devices?
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For Geofencing to work correctly on your Android device, please check that you’ve done the following:

Turn off Battery Optimization for the tado° app

Android smartphones have settings activated that automatically close apps to reduce power usage. You need to deactivate these settings to make sure Geofencing continues to work in the background.

Find your mobile brand below, and follow the step-by-step instructions in the linked article:

Allow access to Location-Based Services

When configuring your app in Android, allow tado° to access your location all the time. You can change this in the Android settings at any time.

We recommend configuring your location settings correctly to ensure Geofencing works optimally.

Turn off auto-reset permissions for the tado° app

Android 11 or higher smartphones have a functionality activated that automatically resets some permissions when apps are not used regularly, to protect user data. You need to deactivate this feature for the tado° app to make sure that Geofencing works correctly.

To deactivate auto-reset permissions, please do the following in your phone’s settings:

  1. Go to Apps and notifications,

  2. select App info, then

  3. select tado°.

  4. Go to Permissions and

  5. deactivate Remove permissions if app isn’t used.

Leave the tado° app open in the background

To ensure the best performance of Geofencing, you need to keep the app open in the background. This is why you should not close the tado° app by swiping up.

You don't have to worry about battery life as the tado° app stays inactive as long as possible, even if you’re moving a lot.

Activate background data

Background data has to be available and activated for the tado° app to send location data. tado° needs to send these in the background to make sure your home starts heating in time before you arrive.

Note: your mobile network operator may impose a mobile data restriction or limit in the mobile network. This depends on your data plan or potential data roaming restrictions.

Limit the use of battery saving mode

We recommend not using the battery saving mode of your phone or special battery saving apps. They keep the tadoº app from running in the background.

Keep Wi-Fi activated

If your phone runs Android, tado°'s Geofencing recognizes that you are home when you connect to your home Wi-Fi network. So, make sure that the Wi-Fi-scanning is activated.

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