I am a Virgin Mobile (France) customer and my tado° app shows the following error message: "Impossible to connect to the server". What can I do?

Some Virgin Mobile customers have reported problems using mobile Applications such as tado° on their phone, where the following error message: "Impossible to connect to the server" appears when opening the App. This issue can be addressed by reconfiguring the proxy and port settings on your phone.

How can I re-configure my smartphone to avoid this issue?

Step 1: Access network settings on your smartphone

  • Click the icon "Settings"
  • Select "Mobile Network settings"
  • Select "Mobile Data"
  • Click on "Access point names"
  • Click on "New APN"

Please search your smartphone's user manual should you have any problems to access this menu.

Step 2: Configure the new APN

Please find below the generic parameters to enter. Do not change any other fields.

For tado° to work, to use the internet and receive MMS, mobile data must be activated (Settings > Mobile networks) on your phone.

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