What new Features are planned? What is on the Development Roadmap?

The Beauty of Connected IoT Products

Software plays an ever increasing role in today's products. While the feature set of traditional products remains the same after the initial purchase, the software for connected IoT (Internet-of-Things) products is kept up to date automatically.

This way you always get to enjoy the latest features of tado° at no additional cost.

This roadmap only shows the most prominent new features and our current estimation as to when these features will be available. We continuously roll out updates to the software of our devices, as well as the smartphone and web apps, which we have omitted from this graphical roadmap for legibility.

Additional planned features (unsorted):


  • Global switch to turn all zones on/off at once
  • IFTTT: Additional “triggers” and “actions”, such as a “trigger” for temperature or humidity changes
  • Public API for developers
  • Different levels of user rights (Admin & “Regular User”)
  • Improved localization for Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg
  • Report in web application
  • Copying of days in the Smart Schedule
  • Additional operating mode: closed loop control based on tado° measured temperature

Mobile Apps

  • Optimized Apps for Tablets (eg. for iPad, Galaxy Tab, MS Surface, ...)
  • Apple Watch App
  • Android Wear App
  • Live Tile Support (Windows)
  • iOS Today Widget (iOS)
  • Android Widget
  • Voice Commands (Siri, Google, Cortana)