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Can tado° detect when I ventilate and prevent unnecessary energy loss through the open window?

  If you want to use this feature in a room activate it in the room settings.  

tado°’s Open Window Detection recognizes sudden drops in temperature or humidity when a window is opened and turns the heating off to save energy. You can activate or deactivate it for each room in your room settings.

  The time to detect an open window depends on the outside temperature and absolute humidity. The detection is fastest at cold ambient temperatures and low absolute humidities.  

The default duration to turn the heating off after an open window has been detected is 15 minutes. The time can be adjusted for each room individually in the room settings.

You can turn the heating back on in the App and on the devices before the heat shutoff duration has elapsed. Simply turn the knob of the Smart Radiator Thermostat to the target temperature or use the touch arrows on the Smart Thermostat to cancel the open window shutoff on the device.

Only the device measuring the temperature in a room can detect an open window. If you have multiple devices in one room, you can select which device is to measure the temperature.

When the heat shutoff timer has elapsed or after cancelling it, the detection of open windows is blocked for 15 minutes.

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