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I think that the real inside temperature is higher / lower than tado° is showing, what can I do?

Each tado° room has one measuring device and hence one temperature is displayed in your room app screen. If you have multiple devices located in the same room, you can select which device should measure the temperature. As the Smart Radiator Thermostat is typically located close to the radiator, it is generally recommended to use a Smart Thermostat as measuring device if one is present in the room.

When you think tado°’s temperature measurement is not correct, there are two settings you can change:

1. Selecting a different measurement device for the room

To change the measuring device, go to the Measurements section in your room settings. You can choose among Smart Thermostats and Smart Radiator Thermostats in that room. Extension Kits cannot measure the temperature.

Please make sure that the device you select for temperature measurements is not affected by heat sources such as fireplaces, windows, exposure to sun or cooking.

2. Setting an offset value for the measuring device

If there is only one tado° device located in a room or if you think the measuring device shows a temperature which is not quite right you can use a standard thermometer to double check the room temperature. Then go to the room settings and set a temperature offset. When adjusting the offset, the temperature including the offset is displayed as a reference.

Please note that the offset can only be set in full degrees when a Smart Radiator Thermostat is selected as a measuring device while the granularity for Smart Thermostats is 0.1 °C.


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