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When the Smart AC Control has no Wi-Fi configuration, it’ll show a unique 4-digit code on its display.

It creates a wireless access point with the name tadoXXXX. Once this is shown, your Smart AC Control is ready to receive new Wi-Fi credentials.

If you're not able to connect the Smart AC Control to Wi-Fi, please follow these steps:

  1. Once the device shows the unique 4-digit code, unplug it. Wait for one minute and plug it back in to restart the device.

  2. Make sure you deactivate mobile data if you're using a phone or tablet. This will ensure that your phone or tablet connects to the tado° wireless access point.

  3. Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your PC or Android device. Then, connect to tadoXXXX.

  4. Open a web browser and enter in the address bar. On the web page that appears, enter your Wi-Fi network's name and password. Once you submit this information, the Smart AC Control closes the session.

If you’re installing the Smart AC Control for the first time, its display will show the spanner symbol. You can continue your installation in the tado° app.

If the Smart AC Control fails to join the Wi-Fi network, the display will show the unique 4-digit code again and the device will enter the access point mode. If this is the case, please double-check if the Wi-Fi network and password you have entered are correct.

If you need further help, you can contact us via chat and send us a screenshot (pdf or jpg) of the error message you get on the screen (if relevant).

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