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I want to sell my tado° devices. What do I need to do?

tado° devices can easily be transferred to new owners, whether you want to give them away or sell them.

For a new owner to be able to use a second-hand device, they will have to register it to their tado° account. As a device cannot be registered to more than one account, please make sure that you remove it from your own account before handing it over. 

To remove a tado° device, go to Settings > Devices in your tado° app. Choose the device you wish to delete from the list. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen and choose Remove device from home.




For some devices, you may not see this option in your app. In those cases, please contact our technical support to help you remove these devices from your Home.

If you are giving away all your tado° devices, you can also simply delete your Home to unregister all of them in one go. 

Please note that selling your devices is not possible if you rent them.

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