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How do I activate the pairing mode of the Internet Bridge?

For pairing devices with your Internet Bridge, the pairing mode on the Bridge needs to be active. Active pairing mode is indicated by a rapidly flashing pairing LED on the Internet Bridge or link LED on the earlier version of the tado° Bridge (without pairing button).

The earlier version of the tado° Bridge
(without pairing button)
The HomeKit enabled Internet Bridge
(with pairing button)

You can activate the pairing mode of your Internet Bridge via the App or on the device:

Within the App

To activate the pairing mode via the tado° app, select Devices in the main menu. Select your Bridge from the appearing device list and tap afterwards on Activate Pairing.

Via the Internet Bridge

If you own a HomeKit-enabled Internet Bridge, you can activate the pairing mode directly with the pairing button on the bridge. You can activate or deactivate pairing by holding the pairing button until the pairing LED starts blinking or turns off.

The pairing mode stops automatically after 12 hours unless you deactivate it manually before.

If pairing does not succeed after multiple attempts please contact our Technical Support Team who will be happy to assist.

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