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I am moving and want to leave tado° installed for the new tenants. What do I have to do?

Transfer for Buy

If you own your tado°, you are moving and intend to keep tado° installed in your old place, please:

  1. Invite the new tenants to your tado° home using the “Invite people to join your home” function. You can find it in the People menu of the Settings.
  2. Once the invitation has been accepted, they will be able to update the Home contact details with their own telephone number and email.
  3. Make sure that either you or they remove your user (displayed as your email) from the tado° home. This can only be done in the People menu of the tado° settings (this function will be enabled if at least one of the new tenants has accepted the invitation).

Transfer for Rent

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer rent contracts. However, you can purchase your rented devices and then transfer them as outlined above.

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