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What does Energy IQ show me if I have a Heat Pump Connector?
What does Energy IQ show me if I have a Heat Pump Connector?
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You can access Energy IQ from the Home Screen of your app*. From there, you’ll be able to toggle between two screens, Consumption and Savings.

Energy IQ allows you to track your heat pump’s energy consumption via your tado° Heat Pump Connector.

By subscribing to Auto-Assist, you’ll have access to all of the Energy IQ features, including Estimates, Detail Cards, and a room-by-room analysis if you have room control devices.


The consumption graph

This is an interactive graph and gives a visual indication of your consumption over time. You can do the following:

  • Select the month and year you want to view by tapping on the month above the graph, or swiping left and right for consecutive periods.*

  • Toggle between currency and kWh/m³ to see the total amount of your estimated combined heating and hot water costs and consumption.

  • View your selected month’s usage and compare it with the previous month, and the same month the year before.

*If you have a Heat Pump Connector but you don’t have Auto-Assist, you will only see a consumption graph for the current period. You won’t be able to toggle through or see your energy consumption trends over time.

Detail cards

With a Heat Pump Connector and Auto-Assist, you’ll find various additional details about your consumption below the main graph, including:

  • separate forecasts of your heating and hot water costs for the current month

  • a comparison between this year and last year for the following:

    • the % change in consumption

    • the number of kWh/m³ you’ve heated

    • the average outside temperature

    • the number of hours you’ve heated

    • room-by-room consumption, if you also have room control devices (see below).

Consumption by room

If you have room control devices, you can check the consumption details of your rooms and have a better understanding of how much you heat and therefore spend on each of your rooms.

To see the consumption by room in Energy IQ, scroll down to the section Consumption by room and select View all rooms.

Consumption by room is based on the assumption that your rooms consume the same if they’re turned on for the same period and at the same intensity.


The estimate takes several factors into account, such as your Heat Pump Connector’s activity and/or consumption data, and is calculated using the average energy price in your region.

A Heat Pump Connector will send consumption data directly to the tadoº app, so you won’t have to input any data manually.

Please note: if you bought your products from one of our partners, you might not be able to access this report.

A small number of heat pumps won’t display the full Energy IQ report. If you have a Heat Pump Connector and Auto-Assist but you don’t see the full report as described above, please let us know via chat.

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