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How can I find out which heating system models I have at home?
How can I find out which heating system models I have at home?
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Sometimes it is difficult to determine which heating system models you have at home since there is no exact model name written on the device. Here is some advice what to check for:

  • Look for the user manuals. Usually, the manufacturer and model name are printed on the first pages.

  • Heat pumps and boilers usually have a model plate or sticker stating the model name. It is often attached on a side or on the inside of a control panel cover.

  • If you can only identify the manufacturer, but not the model name, enter the manufacturer in the search field or select it from the manufacturer filter. For most brands, images of all models are provided, such that you can identify your model by its looks.

  • Wired thermostats often show the model name on or under the front cover. After turning off the power to the heating system, you can remove the front cover from the device.

If you still cannot find which exact model you have at home, simply take a picture (pdf or jpg) and send it to us. Our Technical Support team can then determine for you which models you have.

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