How can I find out if I have multiple heating zones?
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A heating zone refers to the piping system that carries hot water from the boiler to radiators or underfloor heating and back. This is also commonly called a heating circuit.

Depending on the heating system, there are many ways to find out if you have more than one heating zone. Here’s what you should look out for:

Do you have a mixer module in your heating system?

A mixer module regulates the temperature of the water supplied to different heating zones from the boiler. It is usually found in the boiler room and is a box with many pipes connected to it. If you have a mixer module in your system, you most likely also have an underfloor heating zone.

Do separate thermostats control the heating of each floor of your home?

Sometimes, the heating on each floor of a house is controlled by a separate heating zone. So, for instance, if you have two floors with one thermostat per floor, it is likely that these two thermostats control two separate zones.

Does the central controller on your boiler show information about heating zones?

Some central controllers can control multiple heating zones at once. Check the display or installer menu of your controller. If it shows information about heating zones (for example, heating zone1 and 2, HC 1 and 2, or boiler zone and mixer zone), this could mean that multiple zones are active in your heating system.

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