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What are the differences between the different versions of the Smart AC Control?

The latest version of the Smart AC Control is the V3+. It comes with improved hardware and the new V3+ app. It also has many enhanced features compared to the older versions of the Smart AC Control (V2 and V1).

Smart AC Control V3+

The Smart AC Control V3+ comes with the V3+ app and is compatible with Apple HomeKit. In addition to all the features that were available in the earlier versions, the Smart AC Control V3+ also has some additional Skills like Air Comfort and Open Window Detection. With the improved and simplified installation process, it is also easier to set up the Smart AC Control now.

If you have a Smart AC Control V2 or V1, you can upgrade your app to V3+. Please note that this V3+ app upgrade will not add HomeKit compatibility to your Smart AC Control V2 / V1 devices.




The following versions of the Smart AC Control were available earlier:

Smart AC Control V2

The Smart AC Control V2 comes with the V3 app and includes smart Climate Assistant features like:



Smart AC Control V1

This is the earliest version of the Smart AC Control and it comes with the V3 app.




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