How do I set my tado° Smart Schedule?

Your tado° account comes with a default Smart Schedule already set up. To adapt and personalize it, go to the Smart Schedule in your tado° app by pressing the Smart Schedule icon in the upper right corner of the zone main screen.

Each zone’s Smart Schedule has 2 different sections: Home and Away.

In the Home tab, you can divide your day into multiple time blocks and assign a setting (e.g. a temperature) for each time block.

In the Away tab, you can determine what tado° should do, if nobody is at home.

For your heating zones, you can either leave it up to tado° to automatically determine the ideal Away Temperature or set a certain temperature for the time when you are not at home. If you activate the Automatic Away Temperature, tado° establishes the opportune time to begin heating your home to reach the temperature set in the Smart Schedule just in time for your arrival.

For your Hot Water or a Smart AC Control, you can specify an Away setting that is applied whenever nobody is at home.

Configure your Smart Schedule in four steps:

  1. In the Home tab, select for which days of the week you want to set a day specific schedule. You have three options:
    • Set the same schedule for all weekdays: Mon-Sun
    • Set a different schedule for the weekend days: Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun
    • Set a different schedule for every day of the week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
  2. Add and modify time blocks on the Home tab. If you click on the time blocks, you can change the settings.
  3. Decide for each time block in the Advanced Settings whether location-based control should be activated (default) or deactivated. If turned on, the time block’s settings only become active when somebody is home. If turned off, the settings of that time block will be active no matter where the residents are.
  4. Specify the desired Away setting on the Away tab.