To control tado° devices using Amazon Alexa, you will need to add the tado° Skill over the Amazon Alexa mobile or web app.

Within the Alexa App, select “Skills” from the menu.

Tap the search bar and search for “tado”. After enabling the skill you will be prompted to sign into your tado° account. After logging in with your credentials you will be asked to accept the conditions.

Once your tado° account has been successfully linked to your Alexa, you can start the discovery process for your tado° devices. This may take around 20 seconds.

As soon as this is completed, your tado° devices will show up in the Smart Home section of the Alexa App and you will be able to organize them into groups. For each device, you will also find accompanying scenes, that for example will allow you to return to the Smart Schedule via Alexa.

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