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How do I set up tado° with Apple HomeKit?

To access tado° devices via HomeKit, you only need to add the tado° Internet Bridge as Accessory in the iOS Home App. The Internet Bridge needs to be powered and connected to the same network as the iOS device.

Within the Home App, press the “Add Accessory” button at the bottom of the screen. 


You will be asked for the HomeKit code. This 8-digit setup code is printed on the side of the Internet Bridge and has to be scanned with the camera of the iOS device.


Select the tado° Internet Bridge from the list of accessories. All tado° devices which are paired to the Internet Bridge will appear in HomeKit after the Internet Bridge has been added. The tado° devices can then be renamed or reconfigured at any time.

When a new tado° device is paired to the Internet Bridge after the Internet Bridge was already added to an Apple Home, the new device will automatically be added to HomeKit.

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