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Why do I need rooms in the tado° app to control my heating?

Rooms in the tado° app let you manage the climate in different rooms of your home independently. 

For every room or heating zone in your home that has a tado° Thermostat or Smart AC Control installed, a room needs to be created in the app. Each room lets you set a customized Smart Schedule, see temperature and humidity history and enable different Skills.

If you have several tado° devices installed in the same room in your home, you can group them together in one room in the app. This way, you can make sure that they all follow the same Smart Schedule and Manual Control settings.

If a tado° Thermostat or Smart AC Control is not assigned to a room in your tado° Home, it is not possible to control this device via the app.

You can manage or edit settings for individual rooms in Settings > Rooms in the tado° app.  

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