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How can I control multiple heating circuits with tado°?

Heating systems can be split up in multiple circuits. If each heating circuit is controlled by a separate controller, tado° can replace these devices. In this way, tado° will be able to control all the different circuits.

If you have a central controller that controls more than one heating circuit, tado° can be installed in your system, but it can only control any one of the circuits. For example, in homes with both radiators and underfloor heating, heating circuit 1 usually controls radiators. And heating circuit 2 usually controls underfloor heating. When installing your devices, you can choose which of these circuits you would like to control with tado°.   

Our online installation assistant will guide you to set up tado°. If you’ve further questions on how tado° can control your heating circuits, we’re happy to help. Please send us the model names of your heating system devices.

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