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What is the Air Comfort Skill?

The Air Comfort Skill is available to all users of the V3+ app (that comes with V3+ Starter Kits).

In Europe, we spend 90% of our time indoors, with 65% of this spent at home. Our homes are where we eat, sleep and relax. However, many people are unaware of how the temperature and humidity in their homes can have a significant impact on their health and well-being.

The Air Comfort Skill provides insights into the quality of the air within your surroundings and suggests ways in which you can improve the climate in your home.

Besides the room climate, which depends on multiple factors such as temperature and humidity, tado° also uses outdoor air quality data for your home’s location to help you ventilate your home at the right time.

Air Freshness


This card shows how fresh the air in your home is at the moment. It also shows the current outdoor air quality in your street. The higher the value of this index, the better is the outdoor air quality. tado° also shows the level of pollen in the air around you.

This information helps you decide when you should ventilate your home. For instance, if the air outside your home is polluted due to heavy traffic, the air quality index would be low. This means that you would be better off keeping your windows closed.

Comfort Level per Room


You can also get to know the current comfort level in every room which has a tado° device installed. This is indicated by the status in the upper right corner and the small white dot in the graph in the room card.

When the indoor climate is ideal, the status would say Pleasant and the white dot would be in the center of the graph. To arrive at this information, tado° considers both the temperature and humidity levels in the room. tado° also indicates if the room is too humid or dry and warns you if there is a risk of mold or infection.

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