The V3+ app was launched in autumn 2018. It comes with a completely overhauled design for a better overview and gives more options for customization. Additionally, the app contains new Skills such as Air Comfort and Auto-Assist.

What is Air Comfort?

What is Auto-Assist?

There is only one tado° app available for download in the app store. Once you’ve installed and registered your tado° devices, the app will adjust to the V3 or V3+ version depending on the Starter Kit you’re using.

The latest V3+ Starter Kits and the Smart AC Control V3+ come with the V3+ app. V2 Starter Kits and V3 Starter Kits come with the V3 app by default. Customers using V2 or V3 Starter Kits can, however, upgrade at any time for a one-time fee of 19.99 to the V3+ app. This applies to both rented and purchased Starter Kits.

The upgrade can be purchased through a button in the app.

Users can continue to use the V3 app, there is no technical requirement to upgrade. The V3 app will still receive updates. Regular app store updates will not lead to an upgrade to the V3+ app nor will adding add-on devices such as an additional Smart Radiator Thermostat. The Air Comfort and Auto-Assist Skills are part of the V3+ app and only available after having performed an upgrade to the V3+ app.

Try V3+ before buying

You can try out the V3+ demo in a sample tado° Home to discover the new features before you upgrade.

To access the demo:

  • Open the tado° mobile app.
  • Go to More > Sign out.
  • Swipe left from the Create account page and choose Demo.

Once you’ve finished exploring the demo, go to More > Exit demo and sign back in to access your tado° account again.

While you are signed out of your account, tado° will stay in the mode (Home/Away) it was in when you logged out. 

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