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What is Auto-Assist?

tado° offers a variety of Skills to control your heating and air conditioning intelligently, to improve your indoor air comfort and to save energy. To do so, the tado° app is sending notifications and tips, for example when you are the last one leaving home, to turn the heating down.

If you would like to automate your heating system control via tado° completely, you can activate the Auto-Assist Skill in the mobile app.

Auto-Assist enhances your tado° Skills by automatically selecting the most efficient setting. For example, the heating will be turned down automatically when the last one is leaving the house and your home will be preheated automatically before your arrival. Auto-Assist also automates Open Window Detection such that you can save even more with less effort.

Auto-Assist is only available for users of the new tado° app (that comes with V3+ products) and can be purchased in the mobile app.


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