Is tado° compatible with electric heating systems?

Electric heating system type    Compatibility
Electric underfloor heating   

tado° can be connected to electric underfloor heating if these requirements are met:

  1. The electric underfloor heating system switches no more than 6 Amps.
  2. The system does not require a floor temperature sensor.

You can determine if your underfloor heating system uses more than 6 Amps or requires a floor temperature sensor by consulting the user manual or asking a certified electrician. 

Electric radiators 

Pilot wire
(fil pilote)

Infrared panels 


tado° is not compatible with these systems at the moment.

Heat Pumps controlled by an IR remote   

Please read our dedicated article:
Which air conditioners are supported by the Smart AC Control? 

Heat Pumps without an IR remote    tado° is compatible with a wide range of heat pumps. To confirm compatibility with just your model, please contact us with the exact make and model of your heat pump, room thermostat and any additional controller you might have connected to your heating system. If you are unable to find this information, you can simply send us pictures of the components and our heating system experts will identify the devices for you. 

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