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How long does Manual Control stay active if I change a setting?

tado° lets you decide how long a Manual Control setting stays active for. You can choose among three durations:

  • Until next automatic change: the settings only remain active until the next time block with a different temperature in the Smart Schedule is reached or if tado° switches to Home or Away Mode. Note that Early Start will not be triggered in this setting.
  • Timer: choose a time span for the settings to stay active. The Smart Schedule and any events such as residents leaving the house or coming back are ignored.
  • Until ended by user: the settings remain active until a user ends the Manual Control Mode. This is perfect if you want to keep a certain setting for a longer period.

On the tado° mobile or web app, you can modify the default behaviour for how long a Manual Control setting stays active for. This can particularly be interesting if the command comes from a source other than the tado° apps (e.g. changes on device or via voice service). To do so go to Settings and select the respective Room. Tap on “Manual Control on tado° devices” and select the desired option.

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