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How can I restart the pairing of my Smart Thermostat?

In some occasions you might need to restart the pairing of your Smart Thermostat. Before you start, make sure that pairing is active on the tado° Internet Bridge (indicated by flashing pairing or link LED). If the LED is not blinking activate the pairing mode.

Press the button on the Smart Thermostat for 3 seconds until two joined chain links appear.

Release and press the button again for 3 seconds. A wrench and screwdriver symbol will show.

Release the button and use the arrows to navigate through the menu until a symbol with the joined links and a small arrow next to them is shown. Press the button to confirm a pairing restart.

The Smart Thermostat will now look for an Internet Bridge, indicated by two moving chain links.

When successful, the two chain links will stay joined.

If pairing does not succeed, please repeat the complete process a second time. Pairing with the old Internet Bridge will stay active until a new pairing has been completed successfully.

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