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How can I restart the pairing of my Smart Thermostat?

Before you restart the pairing of your Smart Thermostat, make sure that pairing is active on the tado° Internet Bridge (indicated by flashing pairing or link LED).

If the LED is not blinking, activate the pairing mode.

To restart the pairing of your Smart Thermostat:

1. Press the button on the Smart Thermostat for 3 seconds until two joined chain links  appear.

2. Release and press the button again for 3 seconds. A wrench and screwdriver symbol  will show.

3. Release the button and use the arrows to navigate through the menu until a symbol with the joined links and a small arrow next to them is shown . Press the button to confirm a pairing restart.

4. The Smart Thermostat will now look for an Internet Bridge, indicated by two moving chain links.

5. When successful, the two chain links will stay joined .

If pairing does not succeed, please repeat this process. Pairing with the Internet Bridge will stay active until a new pairing has been completed successfully.



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