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My Smart Thermostat or Smart Radiator Thermostat shows E0. What does this mean and what can I do?

If during the installation you encounter an E0 error message, it means that pairing has failed.

If you are pairing new tado° devices to an already installed Bridge and you receive the error E0, please try to pair the devices again and ensure the following:

  • Position the devices at least 3 metres away from each other
  • Double check the Internet Bridge is in pairing mode:
    • For the earlier version of the Bridge (without the pairing button), a flashing ‘Link’ LED indicates that pairing is enabled. If the Link LED is permanently on, please contact our Technical Support.
    • If you have the Internet Bridge with a pairing button, active pairing is indicated by a flashing ‘pairing’ LED. You can activate or deactivate pairing by holding the pairing button until the LED starts blinking or turns off. Pairing will automatically stop 12 hours after it has been started if it has not been manually turned off.

If pairing does not succeed after multiple attempts please contact our Technical Support Team who will be happy to assist.

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