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I already have a Smart Thermostat, how do I make it compatible with Apple HomeKit?

To use HomeKit with your Smart Thermostat, you need the new HomeKit-enabled Internet Bridge contained in our “v3” Starter Kits.

The earlier version of the tado° Bridge
(without pairing button)
The HomeKit enabled Internet Bridge
(with pairing button) 


  Due to a production shortage early "v3" Starter Kits contained the earlier version of the Bridge (without pairing button). These “v3” systems are eligible for a free upgrade to the newer HomeKit-enabled Internet Bridge.  

If you own or rent a Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v2) with our earlier model of the Bridge (without pairing button), you can simply replace your existing Bridge with our new HomeKit enabled Internet Bridge. There is no need to replace other tado° devices. Learn more about our upgrade options for early and loyal customers.

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