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Where can I find the serial number of my tado° devices?

The serial number of your tado° devices can be found:

In the app:

Go to Settings > Devices. The serial number appears just below the device name on the list. 

On the side or back of the device:

You can also find other registration information like auth code and QR code here. 

IB.pngInternet Bridge ST.pngSmart Thermostat SRT.pngSmart Radiator Thermostat EK.pngExtension Kit AC.pngSmart AC Control

Storing registration information on the setup card

Every tado° device comes with

  • a removable sticker containing the registration information, and
  • a setup card.

Paste this sticker onto the setup card to keep your registration information handy.  

_AC_Card.png IB_Card.png

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