What sets the tado° Smart Schedule apart from a regular thermostat’s schedule?

If you control your heating or air conditioning with a time schedule, you are probably used to set different temperatures or AC modes for different times of the day. With tado° you basically do the same, but the key difference is that the temperatures or AC modes you set only become active when somebody is home - when nobody is home the heating or air conditioning stays in Away Mode and saves valuable energy. That is why we call it the Smart Schedule.


The three main advantages of the Smart Schedule over a regular schedule are:

  • When you leave the house, tado° automatically switches to Away Mode, turning the heat or air conditioning down to save energy.
  • When you come back, your home has already been pre-heated or pre-cooled by tado° to the desired temperature, no matter what time you return.
  • You spend less time worrying whether you want your heating or air conditioning to be on or off. All you need to do is to decide what temperature you would like to have when you are actually at home, and tado° will find the most efficient way to get there.