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What sets the tado° Smart Schedule apart from a regular thermostat’s schedule?

If you control your heating or air conditioning with a time schedule, you are probably used to set different temperatures or AC modes for different times of the day.

The three main advantages of the tado° Smart Schedule over such a regular schedule are:

  • With the Smart Schedule, you can customize the temperature settings for when nobody is home. When tado° detects that nobody is home, it alerts you to switch the heating or air conditioning to the Away Mode to save valuable energy. If the Auto-Assist Skill is activated, tado° switches to the Away Mode automatically.

  • With Geofencing and Preheat Before Arrival enabled, tado° preheats your home to the desired temperature, no matter when you return.

  • When the Early Start feature is activated, tado° starts heating your room earlier to reach the temperature set in the Smart Schedule by the time you've set.

  • You spend less time worrying about whether you need to turn your heating or air conditioning on or off. All you need to do is set the temperature that you’d like to have when you are at home and tado° will find the most efficient way to get there.


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