How do I let family members or other residents use my tado°?

There are two different types of user that can access your tado° system - web users and mobile users.

A web user account can only be created through an invitation sent by a user logged in on the tado° web account Once created upon following the link in the invitation email, this type of user has the same rights as the creator of the account and therefore may not be suitable for every type of user such as guests that only need to be added temporarily.

A web user can do the following:

  • Sign in on using their email address and password
  • Also change the advanced settings, such as the temperature offset
  • Invite other individuals to create a web user account
  • Can sign in on a mobile device to add a mobile user

A mobile user, on the other hand, is able to do the following:

  • Be included in the Location Based Control functionality (“presence detection”)
  • Change basic settings, such as temperatures and settings in the Smart Schedule. 

Deleting of Users

A web user can revoke a mobile user's access by simply deleting the mobile device from the list found in the settings of the web application (, but web users can only be removed by submitting a request via the Help Center. Please note that an improved user management is also on our development roadmap.