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While installing the Smart AC Control the app says that the device cannot be found. What can I do?

If your Smart AC Control device cannot be found, you are most likely not connected to the Wi-Fi access point created by the Smart AC Control. To successfully complete this step your smartphone needs to be connected to the access point with the name “tadoXXXX”.

XXXX is the 4 digits shown on the LED display of the Smart AC Control when it is in access point mode and waiting for a smartphone or computer to connect to it.

When a smartphone or computer is connected to the Smart AC Control it shows two arrows.

To connect to the wireless access point, please go to your Wi-Fi settings and choose the Wi-Fi with the name tadoXXXX from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

On iOS, the access point created by the tado° Smart AC Control may not be shown in the Wi-Fi networks but in a separate list below.

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