The location-based control does not work properly. What can I do?

An inaccurate location-based control can have multiple reasons. Here is some troubleshooting advice on how to improve location-based control:

  • Check the settings of your smartphone as described in "What are the smartphone settings for optimal location-based control?".
  • In the tado° app settings there is the option to activate the Location-Based Control functionality (“Presence Detection”) for a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Please check that it is enabled for your smartphone.
  • For tablets, we do not recommend to activate location-based control as tablets are typically left at home. Please check if a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet which remains at home may have the location-based control feature unintentionally activated.
  • Please check in the web application under “Settings” that the location of your home is correct. You can check this by simply searching for your address in Google maps and comparing it to the map shown in the web application. If the address is displayed incorrectly, please contact us.
  • “Force quit” the app by swiping the app off the screen. Check if, after re-opening the app, the location is determined correctly.
  • As smartphone operating system services might have stopped working in the background, switch off and restart your smartphone. After restarting your phone, open the app and check if the location is now determined correctly.

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