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My AC reacted to several command sets when going through the command set finder for the non-thermostatic control. How can I switch to a different command set?

During the non-thermostatic installation of your Smart AC Control you selected the manufacturer of your AC and then went through our command set finder. We store the confirmed command sets for your AC and allow you to switch between them.

  A command set is a collection of IR-signals to control an AC. Different AC models, even if they are from the same manufacturer, require different signals. tado° has a large database of command sets for a wide range of AC manufacturers and models. As every command set is different, it is worth trying which one works best for your AC and offers the desired functionality.  

To switch to a different command set, go to the settings of the room you would like to change the command set for and select Air Conditioner. Here you will find the current command set and will be able to select a different one. When you switch to a different command set, it will then download this command set to your Smart AC Control. After it has successfully finished, you should test the new command set by going to different AC settings in the control panel.



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