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My tado° devices are rented. Can I purchase my rented devices?

You can decide to purchase your rented tado° devices at any time. Your contract will automatically be changed at the end of the current rental year.* On the regular current purchase price, you will receive a discount equivalent to 50% of your current rental year's fee. The 'switch to buy' option cannot be combined with other promotions.

Calculation Example (for the UK)

Regular Rent Contract

Monthly Rent Smart Thermostat (ST) - first year £ 3,99
Monthly Rent Extension Kit (EK) £ 2,99
Monthly Rent Total £ 6,98

Discounted Purchase Price (Rent to Buy)

Regular Purchase Price Smart Thermostat (ST) £ 199,00
Regular Purchase Price Extension Kit (EK) £ 79,00
Discount Equivalent to 6 Months Rent - £ 41,88
Final Purchase Price (Rent to Buy) £ 236,12

Just get in touch with our customer service team to receive your personal offer.


  Please note: “Switching from rent to buy” is only possible in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and the Netherlands. For all other countries you have to cancel your contract, return your rented devices and place a separate purchase order.  


*The intent to transition from a rental agreement to ownership of the devices must be received by the supplier until four weeks before the end of the current contract period. 

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