Why does my tado° start heating before the time I have set in the Smart Schedule?

The main aim of tado° is to help you save energy and make your life more comfortable. tado° has developed the Smart Schedule, such that you have to think less about when to turn your heating on and off. In particular, there are two features that intelligently adjust the heating settings for you:

  • Away Temperature
  • Early Start

Away Temperature

As you are returning home, with Preheat Before Arrival and Location-based Control activated, tado° determines the opportune time to begin heating your home to reach the temperature set in the Smart Schedule just in time for your arrival.

You can adjust this behaviour in the Away tab of the Smart Schedule. Minimum Away Temperature lets you specify the lowest temperature that the system can use as long as nobody is at home. Preheat Before Arrival lets you decide how you want tado° to preheat when you are returning home. If you decide to disable the Preheat Before Arrival tado° won’t automatically set the optimal Away Temperature. Instead, whilst nobody is at home, the system will maintain the Minimum Away Temperature.


Early Start

The Early Start functionality is applied when you are at home and would like to have different temperatures at different times during the day. In the Smart Schedule, you set the time when you want your home to be at a certain temperature. tado° will start heating in time for the temperature to be reached when you need it. To determine the right time when to start heating, tado° uses an algorithm that takes a variety of data into account, such as the value of the inside temperature, the temperature to be reached, the performance of the heating system, as well as building characteristics.

For example, you set your desired home temperature to be 21 °C by 7:00 am. If your temperature during the night is 18 °C, then tado° will start to heat your home before 7:00 am to reach 21 °C by the time you get up. How early tado° will start heating depends on your heating system performance and building characteristics.

If you want to disable the Early Start feature, you can do this in the settings of the Smart Schedule.

202194155_EarlyStart18_EN-3.png 202194155_EarlyStart18_EN-4.png

Learn how to set your tado° Smart Schedule by reading the article on the Smart Schedule settings and read more on what sets your tado° Smart Schedule apart from the regular thermostat schedule.