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What are the smartphone settings for optimal Geofencing?

Allow accessing location-based services

When asked by your smartphone operating system, allow the tado° app to access your location data. If you have not allowed tado° access by accident, you can change this in the smartphone operating system settings at any time.

Keep Wi-Fi activated

The Wi-Fi of your smartphone has to be activated even when you are currently not connected to a Wi-Fi network. The names (SSIDs) of surrounding networks are used to enhance the location detection performance. Using Wi-Fi’s for determining location is more power efficient than GPS.

If you switch off the Wi-Fi on your smartphone, the battery consumption of your phone may even increase because the energy-intensive GPS-Module has to be activated more often.

Enable background operation

Allow “Background App Refresh” and “Background Data”, as tado° requires to send location data in the background to make sure your home starts heating before you arrive.

Keep mobile data activated

Mobile internet has to be available and activated. If mobile data is not available the tado° App cannot transmit location data. Mobile Data might be disabled for the tado° App in the smartphone operating system settings:

Please note that a mobile data restriction or limit may also be imposed by your mobile network operator in the mobile network depending on your data plan or potential data roaming restrictions.

Leave the App open in Background

To ensure the best performance of the Geofencing Skill, we recommend keeping the app open in the background.

More information:

Exempt tado° from Battery Optimization

Many smartphone operating systems have a setting to activate a special battery saving feature. These functions adversely affect the performance of location detection and may not be enabled if you wish to use Geofencing on tado°.

Limit the use of Battery Saving Apps

For the same reasons, we do not recommend the use of special battery saving apps ("Battery Saver") such as the popular Du Battery Saver.

Enable high accuracy for your location

We also recommend enabling “high accuracy” in your location settings in order to get the most accurate experience.


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