I work close to home and the automatic Away Temperature is not low enough for me. Can I set the Away Temperature to a lower value?

Your tado‍‍°‍‍ automatically lowers the temperature depending on the characteristics of your building and how far you are from your home. tado° lowers the temperature only so much that it is able to raise the temperature again to your scheduled Home Temperature by the time you get home, i.e. the further you are away, the lower the Away Temperature can be as tado° has more time to pre-heat your home.

If you work very close your home would not have very much time to pre-heat, so it may not lower the temperature as much as you may like. But we’ve got that covered - you can opt to set a Fixed Away Temperature instead of an Automatic Away Temperature. Simply go to the “Modes” section of the Smart Schedule in your tado‍‍°‍‍ app and select the “Away Mode”, then set it to “Fixed Away Temperature” and set a value that you would like tado‍‍°‍‍ to let your home cool down to whilst you are out.

And there’s more: If someone regularly just pops home for a short period, you can also set a time block under “Times” in the Smart Schedule to “Away” just by selecting “Away” from the “Modes” selector. An “Away” time block is always active and tado° ignores the locations of connected smartphone during this time block. With this setting, tado° stays in “Away” mode when you, for example, drop by to pick up your gym bag or the dog for his evening walk.