How can I save money with tado°?

tado° saves energy and money by turning the heating down while you are away, taking the weather forecast into account and by adapting to the building characteristics of your house or apartment.

In numbers that means that you can save up to 31% on your annual energy bill by using tado°. Savings are based on an analysis of the current customer base. In a scientific study of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP, Holzkirchen, Germany) the energy savings potential varied between 14% and 26% depending on the scenario considered. The study shows that the greatest factor determining savings is location-based control with which savings of up to 24% can be achieved. In addition to location-based control further savings of up to 7% can be achieved by including weather forecast.

Our saving calculator will give you a more detailed answer on how much you can save using tado°.

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