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[Connector Kit] During the installation the tado° Box cannot establish a connection with the tado° Gateway

  • The 'Link' light will be flashing on the tado° Gateway and also the LED on the side of the tado° Box.
  • Please press the Home-Button on the side of the tado° box to check if it has electricity. The LED should start flashing orange. If no LED is flashing at all the then the tado° box on the wall may be wired incorrectly inside. Please turn the power off again and then double check to ensure that no mistake was made when labeling the wires by looking at the photo that you took of the original wiring. Please then also double check that the wires are in the correct terminals according to the labels.

  • Reset both the tado° Box and then the tado° Gateway with a paper clip. (the hole without the circle around it)

  • Please check that you are using the USB plug adapter provided and mains wall socket power supply to provide the tado° Gateway with electricity and that it is NOT powered directly from the router.

  • Please ensure that the distance between Box and Gateway is at least 3 meters.

  • If you are using an LTE router please use a longer ethernet cable to move the tado° Gateway further away from the LTE router. The frequencies used by the LTE router can interfere with the frequency used by tado°.


The RF link can be impaired when the tado° box is installed between a metal surface and the outer wall of a house:

  • Is the box mounted on the boiler casing or in a corner between the boiler and the outer wall of the house? If so then where possible move the tado° box to a location where it has the best 'line of sight' to the tado° Gateway.

Wifi reception is not very good in your home:

  • The RF of the tado° system propagates far better than Wifi, but sometimes it has difficulty passing the signal through walls which have a metal-net filling or are significantly thicker than normal.

  • Try putting the Gateway closer to the wall between box to see if it solves the problem?

  • Change the location of the tado° Gateway to a room closer to (or containing) the tado° Box. This can be achieved by using either a longer Ethernet cable or more conveniently by using PLC (Power Line Communication).


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