What does the monthly tado° Energy Savings Report contain? How are the savings calculated?

tado° provides a monthly Energy Savings Report, estimating your last month’s energy savings with the Smart Climate Assistant and displaying how tado° has saved for you. It is available for all homes with a Smart Thermostat or Smart Radiator Thermostats.


The report contains the following:

  • Overall savings with tado° in the past month in comparison to a standard temperature and schedule controlled system with a night setback according to DIN V 18599-10
  • Hours when at least one of your heating zones has been in Away Mode
  • Hours of sunshine which have been taken into account together with your building characteristics to prevent unnecessary heating
  • Open windows detected by the Open Window Detection
  • Average hours per day in which a setback temperature has been used in your Smart Schedule
  • Percentage in which you have used Manual Control to lower the temperature in your home to save energy

The overall savings are estimated based on your heating behaviour, settings and weather conditions in the past month. For months with little or no heating activity, the estimate cannot be computed, but tado° still displays the activity statistics.

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