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In thermostatic control the Smart AC Control turns my AC on and off too often. How can I adjust the control parameters?

  The following settings are only available for thermostatic control.  

When set to thermostatic control, tado° maintains the room temperature within an acceptance range (hysteresis) around the target temperature. The acceptance range can be defined in the room settings of the app in the AC Configuration section. For a large acceptance range tado° tolerates a greater deviation of the room temperature from the set target temperature and the air conditioner is turned on and off less frequently. A small acceptance range, on the other hand, means that the set temperature is kept more precisely by switching the system on and off more often.

In addition to the acceptance range, a minimum on/off time can be configured. The air conditioner remains switched on or off for at least the set minimum on/off time, regardless of the current temperature in the room and the set acceptance range. A switching signal is sent back to the air conditioning system only when the minimum on/off time has elapsed and the measured temperature is outside the acceptance range.

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