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How does the Smart AC Control control my air conditioner?

The Smart AC Control replaces your AC’s remote control and allows you to set a temperature in your home from anywhere.

Two modes of operation are available for control of the air conditioner: thermostatic and non-thermostatic control.

Thermostatic control ensures that the set room temperature is maintained. It is available for both cooling and heating operation of the air conditioner. Thermostatic control constantly monitors the room temperature and adjusts the commands sent to the air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature. The system is switched on when cooling or heating is required and off when the desired temperature is reached.

You can set the acceptance range (hysteresis) for the temperature and thereby the frequency of the air conditioner switching on and off. Currently, only one fan speed is available. It is defined during device setup but can be changed later by re-teaching your remote control’s commands to the Smart AC Control.

If you would like to use more fan speeds or the fan and dry mode of your air conditioner, you can activate non-thermostatic control for your Smart AC Control via the app. You can find this option in the AC configuration section within the respective room settings.

In this operating mode, the Smart AC Control sends the settings to the air conditioner but leaves it to the air conditioner to regulate the room temperature. As there may be deviations between the temperature measured by the air conditioner and the actual room temperature, the air conditioner may exceed the value set by tado°. In this case, tado° does not interfere with the control. Only when a setting is changed the Smart AC Control sends another command to the air conditioner. If you want tado° to regulate the temperature in the room, please set your Smart AC Control to thermostatic control.

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