To assess tado°’s compatibility with your air conditioner, take a look at your air conditioner’s remote control.

  The Smart AC Control works with all air conditioners with a remote control that displays the air conditioner’s current settings (for example, mode, target temperature and fan speed).   

Generally, there are three kinds of remote controls for air conditioners: 

Remote Control Type  Description  Compatible  Full state display  This popular remote type displays all settings such as mode, target temperature, and fan speed    Temperature only   The remote’s display only shows the measured room temperature    No display   The remote only has buttons and lacks a display    

Full State Display Remotes send the complete set of information about the air conditioner’s state (mode, target temperature, fan speed etc.) when a setting is changed. For example: when setting the temperature from 20 °C to 22 °C the Smart AC Control only sends one unique command to the air conditioner which contains all information about the mode, target temperature, fan speed, etc..

In contrast, remote controls without a display or where the display only shows the measured temperature toggle to the next value when a setting is changed and only send the information for this specific change. For example, when changing from 20 °C to 22 °C two “temperature up” commands need to be sent and the AC switches first to 21 °C and subsequently to 22 °C. The Smart AC Control and the air conditioner need to be synchronised to ensure that the Smart AC Control always knows the current AC settings. Synchronisation can be lost, for example, when the AC’s original remote control is also used. When this happens the Smart AC Control would not know how many up or down command signals are needed to attain the target state.

Therefore the Smart AC Control only supports ACs with a full state display remote.

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