Each tado° account used for heating control is designed to work with 1 Bridge. It is not possible to add multiple Internet Bridges to an account (no "repeater” functionality).

The maximum number of devices is limited by the maximum number of configurable rooms:

  • Accounts with rooms controlled independently from one another can have up to 25 rooms.
  • Accounts with rooms with a central tado° boiler controller can have up to 10 rooms.

Each room can have up to 7 devices, of which one can be a Smart Thermostat, i.e.

  • 7 Smart Radiator Thermostats or
  • 6 Smart Radiator Thermostats and 1 Smart Thermostat.

Per account, only 1 Extension Kit can be installed.

Please note that the tado° devices need to stay within a certain range from the Bridge for a stable connection.

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