tado° offers many upgrade options to make sure that you always have access to the latest tado° products and services.

Upgrade to the V3+ app 

The V3+ app has been developed for the V3+ line of products. If you already own a V1, V2 or V3 tado° product, you can purchase the new app as an upgrade at a one-time fee. 

This upgrade also includes free use of the Auto-Assist Skill and can be purchased through a button in the app. As soon as you purchase the upgrade, all members of your home will be upgraded to the V3+ app.

Try V3+ before buying

You can try out the V3+ demo in a sample tado° Home to discover the new features before you upgrade.

To access the demo:

  • Open the tado° mobile app.
  • Go to More > Sign out,
  • Swipe left from the Create account page and choose Demo.

Once you’ve finished exploring the demo, go to More > Exit demo and sign back in to access your tado° account again.

While you are signed out of your account, tado° will stay in the mode (Home/Away) it was in when you logged out. 

Upgrade to the HomeKit-enabled Internet Bridge

To set up your Smart Thermostat with HomeKit, you need the HomeKit-enabled Internet Bridge that comes with the Starter Kit V3 or newer versions. If you own a Starter Kit V2, you can replace your existing Bridge with the HomeKit-enabled Internet Bridge. The Internet Bridge can be purchased from our webshop using this link. 

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